About Us

NJPI has 643 faculty and staff. There are 493 full-time teachers, includes 194 faculty with senior and sub-senior title, who takes up 39%. There are now 376 teachers with master and doctoral degrees, who takes up 76.3%. “Double qualified” faculty covers 92% among the faculty group. At present, there are 6 famous teachers in chemical vocational education in China, 3 famous teachers in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province and 21 famous teachers at school level. Since 2007, college teachers successfully enrolled in the provincial “Top Talents of Six Categories” for 10 times, provincial “333 Top Talents” for 15 times, excellent young teachers of “Blue Project” for 31 times. It has 1 provincial colleges excellent technology innovation team, 4 academic leaders of technology of young and middle-aged industry in Nanjing, 2 “321 Talents” of Nanjing. Teachers' development echelons at five levels have been built, including scientific and technological leaders, famous teachers in teaching, professional leaders, backbone teachers and new teachers. At the same time, 552 part-time teachers from the front line of enterprises have been recruited, forming a structure of reasonable, stable scale and optimized allocation of resources.