About Us

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1958. Its educational history can be traced back to the school set up by Yongli Chemical Industry Company---- the largest factory in the Far East (the place name DaChang comes from it)founded in 1934 by Mr. Fan Xudong, the pioneer of the national chemical industry. The name of the college used to be Yongli Chemical College, Nanhua Chemical College, Technical School of Nanhua Company, Branch of Nanjing Dynamics School of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Nanjing Chemical School of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Nanjing Chemical Fertilizer Plant Chemical School, Chemical School of Nanhua Company, Nanhua Branch of Nanjing Chemical College, Nanjing Chemical School, Nanjing College of Chemical and Technology and Nanjing Polytechnic Institute. In 2001, it was upgraded to a higher vocational institute. In 2007, it was authorized as a Demonstrative College of Higher Vocational Education by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province. In 2010, it was authorized as a Backbone College of Higher Vocational Education by Chinese Ministry of Education and Finance and successfully passed the acceptance in 2014. In February 2015, the school changed its name to Nanjing Polytechnic Institute. The college is located in the central region of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. It is a public full-time higher vocational institute approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government and administrated by the Education department of Jiangsu Province.


Over the past 60 years, NJPI has always adhered to the principle of running socialistic higher vocational education satisfying the people, rooting in chemical industry, cultivating morality and serving regional economy and society, the school-running idea of quality-oriented, promoting the scientific development of schools; educating people-oriented, promoting the all-round development of teachers and students; chemical industry-oriented, promoting the development of characteristic advantages, the Open Running Principle of Win-win Cooperation among Government, Administration, School and Enterprise, Combination of Industry, Education and Research, the development orientation of basing on Jiangsu, facing the whole country, running specialties well, upgrading levels, taking chemical industry as the mainstay and serving other industries, the Four Strategies of Characteristic Development, Talented Strengthening School, Opening School-running and System Innovation. NJPI has always implemented the management system of Ruling Schools by Law, Democracy and Science and taken efforts to train high-quality technical skilled personnel for the All-round Development of Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Beauty and Labor for the needs of the development of the economic society.


At present, NJPI is the deputy director unit of the Education Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the deputy director unit of Responsibility Care Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the leading unit of Working Group of National Responsibility Care Institutions, thevice-director unit of Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of Petroleum and Chemical Industry of Ministry of Education, the deputy secretary-general unit of China Higher Vocational Education Cooperation and Exchange Working Committee, the vice-president unit of Jiangsu Institute of Foreign Student Education Management, the Chairman Unit of Jiangsu Chemical Vocational Education Group. NJPI is the designated base of Chemical Equipment Maintenance and Fine Chemical Production Technology Skills Competition of National Vocational Colleges and Universities sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Provincial Education Department and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, an international exchange and training base for petroleum and chemical vocational education in China, a base for training and transporting high-quality human resources in Sinopec. NJPI also cooperates with other comprehensive universities on several 3+2and 4+0 experimental top-up programs. NJPI has been awarded more than 30 honorary titles at the provincial and above levels including National Employment Demonstration Units in Higher Vocational Colleges, Harmonious Campus of Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province, Advanced Units in the Construction of Spiritual Civilization in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Safe Campus Construction Demonstration College. In 2016, NJPI crowded into the top 30 talents competitiveness of Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges with the ninth place.


NJPI now covers an area of 740 Chinese mu, with a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. The institute has more than 11,000 full-time students. It has 10 schools, 3 departments and 1 center. The 10 schools are respectively named School of Chemical and Material, School of Biology and Environment, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Electricity and Control, School of Information Technology, School of Economics and Management, School of Aviation and Automotive, School of Architecture and Art Design, Continuing College and International Education College. The 3 departments are the Department of Basic Science, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Department of Physical Education. In addition, the one center is called Engineering Training Center. At present, NJPI has formed a multi-disciplinary and coordinated development professional structure, which mainly focuses on work and integrates industry, economics, culture, management and art. It covers 8 major clusters of 51 majors.


NJPI has 5 national key construction major clusters (covering 23 majors), 2 key construction majors funded by central government, 4 provincial key construction major clusters, 7 provincial brand majors, 5 provincial high level backbone majors. NJPI has 225 national and provincial laboratories, training rooms, training centers and training bases. NJPI has won 2 National Awards for Teaching Achievements and 10 Provincial Awards for Teaching Achievements. It has 2 National Best Courses, 8 Provincial Best Courses, 3 Provincial Foreign Students Best Courses. It has 1 National and 1 Provincial Courseware Award, participating in the Construction of Three National Professional Teaching Resource Bases.


NJPI has 643 faculty and staff. There are 493 full-time teachers, includes 194 faculty with senior and sub-senior title, who takes up 39%. There are now 376 teachers with master and doctoral degrees, who takes up 76.3%. “Double qualified” faculty covers 92% among the faculty group. At present, there are 6 famous teachers in chemical vocational education in China, 3 famous teachers in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province and 21 famous teachers at school level. Since 2007, college teachers successfully enrolled in the provincial “Top Talents of Six Categories” for 10 times, provincial “333 Top Talents” for 15 times, excellent young teachers of “Blue Project” for 31 times. It has 1 provincial colleges excellent technology innovation team, 4 academic leaders of technology of young and middle-aged industry in Nanjing, 2 “321 Talents” of Nanjing. Teachers' development echelons at five levels have been built, including scientific and technological leaders, famous teachers in teaching, professional leaders, backbone teachers and new teachers. At the same time, 552 part-time teachers from the front line of enterprises have been recruited, forming a structure of reasonable, stable scale and optimized allocation of resources.


NJPI enrolls about 4000 students every year. The enrollment scope has expanded to more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions) such as Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hainan and Inner Mongolia. Over the past 60 years, the college has trained and transported nearly 80,000 specialized talents and made positive contributions to local economic and social development. In recent years, the average employment rate of college graduates is over 98%, and the quality of employment has steadily improved. According to the survey of MyCOS Company in recent years, the employment rate of college chemical graduates is 100%, the professional counterpart rate is more than 85%, which is higher than the average professional counterpart rate of Higher Vocational Colleges in China by more than 20%, and the employer's satisfaction with college graduates is more than 90%.


NJPI practices the educational concept of four-level progressive, combination of virtual and real and explores and forms the training mode of integration of production, learning and research, integration of teaching and competition, and alternation of work and learning. It establishes the educational concept of four Hua which brings comprehensive, healthy, individual and lifelong development to every student. NJPI adhere to the principle of student-oriented, moral education first, practice first, innovation as the soul, and focus on cultivating four-You talents with virtue, ambition, talent and achievement. We have built an innovative entrepreneurship system with higher vocational characteristics and industry characteristics, built a double-solid and double-industry base of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology, a national-level space for public creation, a demonstration base for college students' entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province, and a University Students' entrepreneurship Park in Nanjing, and established a seed fund for entrepreneurship and an alumni innovative entrepreneurship scholarship to support students' entrepreneurship. The campus environment is beautiful, teaching facilities are grate, learning and living conditions are excellent, and all freshmen dormitories are equipped with air conditioning. NJPI has more than 100 associations at the two levels of the school and college. It carries out rich and colorful campus cultural activities such as the College Students' Culture and Art Festival, the Society Culture Festival and the Academic Science and Technology Week all the year round. The college won the first prize in the National Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Challenge Cup - Rainbow Life in 2018.


NJPI now has five provincial centers, such as Research and Development Center of Volatile Pollutants Control Engineering Technology in Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges, Research and Development Center of Fine Chemical Engineering Technology in Jiangsu Province, Research and Engineering Laboratory of Targeted MR Imaging Agents in Jiangsu Province, five municipal engineering research centers, such as Nanjing Amino Molding Plastics Engineering Research Center and Nanjing Mechanical Sealing Engineering Research Center. The school has built 40 innovative platforms of Beidou Project for Scientific Research and cooperation and innovation platforms between schools and enterprises, basically formed a scientific and technological service system, which is guided by low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection industries, focusing on the development of advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new technology. The school has built 12 practice and experience centers of popular science in schools, serving tens of thousands of people annually. In 2014, the school has been recognized as a demonstration base of popular science education in Nanjing and a base of popular science education in Jiangsu Province.


In 2011, NCCT-Zhongshan Science and Technology Creative Park Co., Ltd. of Nanjing College of Chemical and Technology, which is jointly invested by government, school and enterprise and operated by joint-stock system, was established. It has successively obtained the qualification of provincial university science and technology park, provincial science and technology pioneering park, national dual-solid and dual-industry base, national science and technology enterprise incubator and national public creation space. There are 208 enterprises in the park, of which 25 are teachers and 79 are university students. The total output value is over 1 billion yuan and the tax revenue is over 50 million yuan. The park provides nearly 1,000 jobs for the society.


Over the past five years, relying on various platforms, more than 200 national, provincial and municipal scientific research and Humanities and Social Sciences projects have been awarded, more than 10 million yuan of longitudinal research funds have been received, 638 horizontal scientific research projects have been completed, nearly 100 million yuan of research funds and social services have been received, more than 2000 patents have been applied for, and more than 100 intellectual property rights and scientific and technological achievements have been transformed. More than 700 papers have been published in SCI, EI and core journals, and more than 40 prizes have been awarded for scientific research achievements at or above the provincial level. The college has been awarded the honorary title of Advanced University of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province. Colleges and local governments jointly build high-skilled personnel flow workstations and excellent provincial community colleges. In 2013, in the survey of Interactive Development Assessment between Universities in Nanjing and the city Nanjing jointly organized by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department for the first time, NJPI ranked first in serving local economic and social development; in 2015, NJPI successfully crowded into the top 16 scientific research competitiveness of 200 national demonstration (backbone) Higher Vocational Colleges in China.


NJPI is the only full-fledged member of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) in China and one of the three Chinese member units of the American Community College for International Development (CCID). NJPI also actively provides international exchange and training services for petroleum and chemical vocational colleges across the country on the two platforms of National Petroleum and Chemical Vocational Education International Exchange and Training Base and NJPI-- Magdeburg Overseas Training Center in Germany. More than 40 universities or institutions in 17 countries and regions such as Canada, Netherlands, Ireland and Indonesia have established stable exchanges and cooperative relations with NJPI. In 2013, for the first time, 540 overseas students were enrolled, ranking first in Jiangsu province.Since 2013, the college and Dawson College of Canada jointly organized the Sino-Canadian NC Competition, which pioneered the international skills competition held by domestic higher vocational colleges. In 2015, it became the first pilot evaluation unit to accept Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools in China. In 2013, NJPI was awarded Advanced School for International Cooperation and Exchange in Education in Jiangsu Province for the first time, and Advanced Group for Education of Overseas Students in China for the first time, and Target School for Overseas Study in Jiangsu in 2016. On March 31, 2018, President Hag Gengob of Namibia, invited by President Xi Jinping to China for a state visit, and his wife Monica Gengos came to visit the college.


The college earnestly carries out the requirements of running the Party strictly in an all-round way, adheres to the principles of strong leadership, smooth mechanism, strict law and circumstance, simple work, keeping pace with the times, and emphasizing practical results, and promotes the four-all-round strategy, develop the Party's mass line educational practice activities, three stringent and three solid practices and two learning and one doing thematic educational practice activities. Taking the opportunity, the college will continue to strengthen the scientific and systematic research, design and construction of the Party's construction system, mechanism and discipline rules by means of establishing, reforming and abolishing. In recent years, 127 Party-building management systems covering ideological, organizational, working style, anti-corruption and honest work management requirements have been formulated and promulgated in a timely manner, basically removing the institutional obstacles that restrict the development of Party-building in schools, and forming a more scientific, rational, systematic, comprehensive, strict standard and applicable system. Institutional cages have been weaved, and a long-term mechanism has been basically formed for the system to govern people, affairs and power.


With the motto of benevolence, truth-seeking, sincere conducting and innovation, NJPI has formed the fine school spirit of civilization, unity, diligence and motivation and the learning style of hardworking, preciseness, truth seeking and innovation, and has forged the college’s spirit of striving for excellence and pursuing excellence in the long-term process of running the school.


NJPI will firmly seize the strategic opportunity period for the vigorous development of vocational education by the state, adhere to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, firmly establish the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, and actively undertake the measures of serving regional economic and social development and national strategic initiatives. We will lead the college's work with two gatherings and one high level, take the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of the college and the high-quality development conference, adhere to the principle of cultivating morality and cultivating people, devoting themselves to connotation construction, strengthening characteristic development, constantly deepen reform, comprehensively improve personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation, strive to promote the development of high-quality college in the forefront, and strive to build the college into a first-class, distinctive, vibrant higher vocational colleges.